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Altitude Height Services is a rope access, formed with the purpose of providing a cost effective alternative to the old means of working at height such as scaffolding or cherrypickers. Our methods of carrying out work at height are statistically proven to be some of the safest in the world.

Combining techniques and the latest gear from the world of rope access and steeplejack, we suspend ourselves from the ceiling— or on the side— of high-up structures. By moving horizontally or laterally we are able to carry out jobs that would otherwise be incredibly awkward, expensive or not-possible. Through the use of stabilisation technology, our team are able to work just as efficiently as a professional working on a scaffolding, without their work being compromised by swaying or restricted movement. Essentially, Altitude provides you with a highly trained technician in a harness.

By leveraging the natural contours or pre-existing support of any building/structure, we are able to create suspended access for our team, meaning that there are very few places that we would be unable to reach— all without damaging or scarring the building.


Our Main Values

Altitude primarily serves the commercial, heritage and construction sectors and specialises in carrying out inspections, construction and maintenance at height.

Leading Way In Roofing &
Repair Construction!

Some of the most common tasks that we carry out include:

Roof Installation

Flagpole installation / Maintenance

Roof Maintenance and cleaning

Steeple / Chimney Maintenance

Stone/Brickwork Pointing

Stone/Brickwork Repairs

Painting & Window Cleaning

Bird Prevention