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Rope access has been consistently proven to be an effective method of carrying out many types of work found on construction sites, but with the benefit of huge savings on access equipment such as scaffolding or Whether it is new builds, repair jobs or buildings already under construction, we can handle any job that requires suspended access. This includes jobs that require access to a hard-to-reach place or even on ground-based projects where there is a potential risk of falling.

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rope access

Safety Is Our Priority

Rope access, applied to construction work, essentially means that we can safely carry out construction jobs at height or in hard to reach places using an intricate selection of ropes, harnesses and other safety equipment. This allows us to move freely, vertically or laterally, meaning we can complete jobs in restricted places.

Through the use of stabilisation equipment we can carry out the work as steadily and carefully as if we were working on scaffolding, and all without damaging or scarring the structure that we are working on.

Our Experience

10 Years Of Experience

Drawing on our 10 years of experienced technical insight means that we can assess your situation, advise you on the way forward and carry out a wide variety of construction jobs, all conducive to getting the job done and getting the result that you are after as quickly as possible. And because of our long experience in rope access and construction, our team can easily work alongside other construction professionals who might already be on site.

Whether you know what work specifically needs to be carried out, or you still require some technical insight on how to get you the result you are after, feel free to get in touch today.

With a brief friendly conversation with one of the team, you can find out how we can be of service to you on your construction job and to give you a no-obligations quote.

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